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My name is Cindi Albright, I am the owner/designer behind Rustique Art and I live in TEXAS.  I have opened a new facebook page, twitter, blog and flickr group for "all" Texas artisans and crafters.  

My goal is to remove the "affiliation" and promote for all "Handmade in TX" artists.

I would like to promote our states amazing talent, its artists, crafters and their products. I ask for no payment only that you in turn "like" and post freely on the "Handmade In TX" fan page, join our flickr group and post your photos, follow on twitter and promote your shops and designs on twitter and follow along on the blog. All of this is optional, but note that the more that know about you and your online shop, the more traffic you receive as well as your fellow Texas artisans. :)

This blog will feature artists from time to time.  Would you  like to be featured? I will also be accepting a 125 x 125 avatar pic with link back to your shop "FREE".

This is all in the early stages, but I anticipate amazing results, new friends and a lot of fun. I launched the FB fan page a few months back and in 2 days had enough "likes" to assign the vanity URL! That was just from me
suggesting to my friends, imagine how it will grow with more people sending out suggestions.

Feel free to post and promote on the new "Handmade in TX"'s there for you!

Together, Let's Promote Texas Arts & Crafts!
"Deep in the ART of TEXAS"