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Clearing Cobwebs

Happy fall y'all!

Now that the weather is considering a change here in Texas, it only seems fitting to open windows and tidy up a bit.  

New seasons always motivate me to clean, organize and declutter, which is exactly what needs to be done here.  

I've noticed a few empty spaces on the Etsy Marketplace page...empty space means one of three things;

#1 Your shop is temporarily closed for vacation
#2 You have closed your shop
#3 You have no listings

If you are on vaca, I hope you are having a great time and enjoying your much needed time off before the holiday shopping commences, but...if you have closed your shop, I hope this isn't a permanent decision.  

Maybe you have moved to another online marketplace, if so please drop me a line and let me know so I can ad your information to another page.  I really want you to be found if you have moved. 

If you have settle comfortably in to that #3 slot; tisk, tisk, tisk! (shaking my finger)

It's time to get moving and fill that shop!  Christmas is drawing near and guess what, people are still shopping online!  

So let's get those shops filled to the brim with some awesome Handmade in Texas designs, we don't want those other states to have a leg up on us do we?  

Heck no! 

I'm going to do some much needed maintenance on this poor little neglected blog this weekend and while I'm at it, I'll be browsing your shops. I'm hoping to find some undiscovered treasures out there.  And I hope you'll be busy getting your shop ready to be filled with more handmade goodness.

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