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How To Create an Etsy Mini for the Etsy Marketplace Page

Many have asked if they can have their Etsy mini added to this blog.  My answer is always "yes" and then I say; "send me you Etsy mini code". 
I will receive the URL, the shop name, the URL to the Etsy Mini page, but what I need is the code that is generated when you create your Etsy mini.  
I am aware that many are new to Etsy and I am aware the Etsy has made a few changes to the site in the last year. 
So if you are experienced with creating Etsy minis, then you can go ahead and move on as this might seem redundant or trivial.  But for some, this will be a revelation and that's why it getting done, right here, right now.
I even have pictures!   So cool and necessary because everyone learns differently.  I don't read instructions and do the task very well, but show me a picture and I've got it! 

Here we go:

Step #1 - Go to your Etsy shop page and find the area at the top right hand corner of your page.  It will say: "your shop", hover over the link to engage the pull down menu, then select "listings".

Step #2 - Now on the listings page, look to the left side of the page and find the section titled "Promote" and look for the "Etsy Mini" link.  Clicking this link will take you to the Etsy Mini design page.

Step #3 - Now that you are on the design page, follow the instructions on the image below.

Step #4 - Send the Etsy Mini code to me via email at:

Step #5 - Go pour yourself some sweet iced tea, kick your feet up and relax....I got the rest!

You will soon find your Etsy Mini on the Handmade In TX Etsy Marketplace page and you will be in good company too.  I can tell you that this page is fun to browse.  All of the Etsy shops are in a nice pretty row, alphabetical and oh so awesome!

Now see...wasn't that fun?  Of course now that you are promoting your shop here on Handmade In TX you will want to tell people all about it.  So feel free to share the link with your friends on FB, Twitter even Pinterest if you like.  You can even ad the Etsy Marketplace button on your blog or email signature.  It's simple, just grab the code below the button and paste it in the "gadgets" for blogger blogs or "widgets" for wordpress blogs.  If that is just too much trouble, the save a copy of the image, place that in your blog sidebar and just link it back to


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