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More Places for Texas Artisans to Market Their Handmade Products

Yep...I am on Handmade in, and you should be too.  They have a new Tumblr page and it's awesome. As so eloquently stated on their Tumblr page;

  "Created by Kandas of Shaka Studios American Furniture to promote the myriad of talented Texas artisans she has met in her cyber and real life journey."  

This is not to be confused with Handmade In (this website) or seen as a comparison, absolutely not a competitor. has been around for awhile.  In fact, Kandas has been promoting Texas artists and craftsmen for quite sometime and well be for was launched, however, I was clueless and didn't know about her and the Handmade In Texas blog until I had jumped in knee deep. Domain name and all.

Like this website and our other marketing and social media platforms, Handmade in Texas is a showcase of Texas artisans on Etsy and around the web. Kandas, points out on her Tumblr page that inclusion in the Handmade in Texas directory is currently free for all artists living in Texas.  But I know as well as many of you that maintaining and promoting is a full time task, add to that what she needs to accomplish in her own craft.  

So are we competing?  NO!  Are we supporting and promoting each other and the amazing Texas artists and craftsmen who follow and promote on these wonderful websites?  YES!

It's all about marketing and promoting this great state that we live in and the people who use their God given gifts to create beautiful designs, products that include photography, graphic images, music, books, poetry, fiber art, needlework and lets not forget our amazing Texas chefs who dish out amazing delights for our taste buds. 

Let's face it...if you live in Texas and you create, you belong here and at Handmade In, now found on Tumblr.

What are you waiting for!  Go.Go.Go!!!  It's so easy too, you simple go to and find the "submit your handmade" link found right under the banner, it's in pink, click it and submit your design.  When you submit the URL of the product or the image, it will link back to your site, blog or wherever you have the product listed, or talked about.    But that's not all, you can even ask a question and Kandas will reply and your question, along with the answer will be display for others to see.

It's wonderful and easy!  

Thank you Kandas!  you rock and so does your Tumblr page!

See ya there,

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