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Made in America/Texas Show and Retail Store

Hey there!  last week Bryan from Made In America TV contacted me and I wanted to share with you what he had to say. After you finish reading about this awesome opportunity for all artists and craftsmen in the United States, I encourage you to do a few things for Bryan.  First is to visit his site at and subscribe so that you will get all of the latest and greatest updates, and second; jump over the Made In America facebook page and like it!  Come will be fun to encourage and promote Bryan and the Made In America TV team.  Now without further delay, here's what Bryan had to say;

Cindi, I found your site and blog while looking for Made in Texas arts and crafts. Your website and blog offers some amazing products! Very impressive.  (yes!  he did say "amazing")

We are working on several methods to showcase Made In America products so let me introduce ourselves. We are creating and developing two means to promote, market and sell Made In America products: First, we have the only 24/7 video shopping channel and secondly, we are building a Made In America retail store:

1. We are creating the only 24/7 shopping channel focused on Made In America products. The shopping channel currently is FREE to run an infomercial type spot for up to 9 minutes as we are in pre-launch mode. We would love to have some products and images to create an HD quality TV style infomercial that we run on the channel. We will gladly produce it and run it for FREE during this initial launch phase to build a following. We will also create a product page on the online shopping cart so viewers can buy right online and/or be directed to your site too.

2. For the retail store, we are actually remodeling a 150 year old building in downtown Cleburne, Texas, 25 miles south of Fort Worth. We are trying to fill the store with nothing but Made In America products and your art is perfect. Ultimately we want a wholesale account as this is a retail store, but to help us get launched we would love to work on a temporary consignment basis just to help us keep costs down during the build out so we can outfit the store with tons of products.

This economy is really hurting everyone but the resourceful companies who hope to survive and thrive in this economy will find creative ways to market their products - and that's why we are here! When would be a good time call to talk about it?

Cleburne is holding two huge craft and art events April 20-22 Antique Alley and April 28 with Spring Fest. These back to back weekends draw thousands to Cleburne and we are trying to outfit our Made In America Store with awesome products like what you showcase on your site and blog. I would love to meet up with you and any other artists to showcase your work during these events. You and those Made In Texas artists are all welcome to come to the store personally or we will gladly sell your products for you. I would love to have an entire MADE IN TEXAS area of the store with a huge banner showing off all things Texan!

(Me again...y'all did just see that last line? right?....anyone close to Cleburne?)

Please, let's talk....Call anytime at 817-357-0512! If I am not available, I'll return your call as soon as possible.

For American Entrepreneurship,

Bryan Malatesta

okay so....this is really cool huh?  don't ya think?  I am adding the Made In America logo in our side bar for quick reference.  I'd love to hear your feedback and questions on this so be sure to leave those in the comments below so others can see!  I'll make sure Bryan sees any questions you have or what the heck!  you can also leave question on his facebook page or email him, his email is included in the signature.

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