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Lone Star Showcase #15

16 Days until Christmas and then what?
2012 will be here!
then you begin thinking about your goals? 
Spring shows? 
This is just crazy wow!

I'm glad we are back on track this week with the Lone Star Showcase.  Last week I was one would call "in the weeds" meaning I was in knee deep, in projects, painting, putting my house back together for Christmas.  I was feeling a bit scattered to say the least.

Well I can see my furniture again and we now have room to sit, it's all coming together.  So thank you for indulging me, it is much appreciated.  

Now here we are and I've had some people ask me some questions that need to be addressed.  First off; "why the purpose of linking up to this link party and how do we do it?"
Good questions.  

Purpose: Networking, backlinks to your shop, promoting your products and shop, marketing, attracting buyers, meeting other Texas artists, building the ranking of this blog so it ranks higher in Google. This is good for you because when and if people do a search in Google for; 'handmade in Texas' then ideally this blog would rank first or second on the search results page.
And guess what?  We do come up #1 on the results page.  Check it out for yourself.  Simply sign out of your browser and then type in the Google search box 'handmade in Texas'.  In Yahoo we are #3. 

How to do link up: Simple, at the very bottom of this post after all the blah, blah, blah...find the little blue frog on the left and click the button, you will then see three areas to fill in.  Open another tab and go to your online shop.  Once there you can do one of two things, you can just link your shop, to do that you will go up to the address bar, copy and paste your shop URL, come back to this site and paste the URL in the first area, the second area you will type in your shop name and third area you will type your email address, then you click the 'next' button, you will then see a lot of little blue boxes, be patient as this page loads slower than most.  You will then see many images associated with your shop.  You will select from those images which one you want to represent your shop, this can be your avi or one of your products.  Click the select button and your done.  You can then refresh the blog page and you should see your image and your link back to your shop.  This takes a few minutes so you might need to refresh a couple of times.  You can also you use the URL from one of your product pages.  When you go to your shop and select a product it will usually open in another page.  To use the product as your link up, you will copy and paste the URL from the product page.  Follow the same instructions as before and your good to go.

Now that your linked up, why not tell your friends...this promotes you and the other artists who have linked up.  Tell your friends on facebook, twitter or on your team forums.  This generates interest and the best part...

FREE!  it's free...Free.Free.Free.  you like that word right?
If you're new here....Howdy & Welcome!  Start following this blog, find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube and follow the fun!
Every Friday thru Sunday we have a link party dubbed the "Lone Star Showcase", it's free marketing for your online shops, why wouldn't you take advantage of that? 

why not get started now? 


right here!


~Guidelines for the Lone Star Showcase~

1.) Follow this blog.

2.)Your link needs to be from your shop and the listings have to be handmade. If you're linking from a blog, post the permalink (the link to the post), not the link to your blog.  If you're linking from a shop, copy and paste the URL from your shop or a specific listing page

3.) Handmade (handcrafted) items created by Texas artists and crafters only. Individual items for sale in your shop or on your website/blog may be linked up. This is encouraged. Linkups or comments, advertising your giveaway or promoting your own link party etc. will be removed. Craft tutorials...yes please add!

4.) Please link back this party with a (button or text) if you have the means to, if not, please promote on Facebook, Twitter or within your teams/groups. If you have a blog or a website where you place Showcase button with link, please do so. Better yet, write up a quick blog post about this link party so others can know about it. Buttons can be found under the menu tab BUTTONS. For your convenience a button code has been provided in the current post.

5.) By linking up to this link party, you're all warm and fuzzy with being highlighted on Handmade In Texas Facebook fan page, added to any future linkups and for possible future artist features on Handmade In Texas without additional permission required.

This party will close Sunday at midnight CST. 

Well what are ya wait'n on? Get after it!


  1. Thank you for all your work to promote Texas artist! Customers to my etsy store can use code "HOLIDAYS11" to save 10% on their purchases.

  2. Merry Christmas to you! Thanks again for all you do to promote fellow artisans across the Lone Star State!

  3. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas Eve & Christmas weekend full of laughter, happy cherished Memories!


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