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Handmade Christmas Wreath

Today's guest blog post is from Diane Korb from Home Sweet Homemade.  She is crafty, creative, full of whimsy, a wonderful writer and she's from my favorite state...Texas.  I'm excited that she will be sharing something the I can make! 

Hello, I'm Diane from home sweet homemade. And I'm a big fan of Cindi as a creative artist, blogger and fellow Texan. Blogging makes me feel like I'm her neighbor even though we don't live in the same city. I'm really happy to be a part of the Handmade in TX community.

I thought I would share an idea for a handmade Christmas wreath. It's easy, cheery and has the casual charm that we love here in Texas.

It all started when I saw the HGTV celebrity home decorating broadcast featuring Eddie Ross as one of the decorators. I am a big fan of his original style and creativity.

He made the most lovely ornaments by wrapping strips of fabric cut from men's shirts around styrofoam balls. Used them to decorate a feather tree and a garland around the stairway bannister in the homeowner's foyer. Click to see it here.

I was hooked and wanted to make a backyard door wreath with a touch of Eddie Ross style. So, I popped into the nearest thrift store and picked up 3 shirts: a tartan plaid, a bright red windowpane plaid and a dark red candy stripe. All very menswear, but still in merry holiday tones.

I started with a cardboard ring, the diameter of a luncheon plate. Next cut the shirts apart at the seams and then into strips.

Tied them onto the ring.

Trimmed the ends, fluffed it up, and voila a wreath!

Sending out warm wishes for your holiday season. Thank you Cindi for inviting me to share today with Handmade in TX.

I'm very grateful!

Thank you Diane....that was fabulous and something I can make with my g'kids.  Even better!


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