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Monday Movie Artist Feature: Kevin Bassett Master Woodturner

Kevin Bassett is a Master Woodturner and Certified Arborist

"He calls it A Collaboration with Nature"

I call it a gift!

"As a professional Arborist for over thirty years I have helped numerous clients protect and maintain their valued trees. Having worked intimately with trees and wood I have gained a unique insight to their inner and outer beauty. Once I began turning wood on the lathe I realized that expressing the beauty of the tree through its wood was collaboration between the tree and me. Exclusively the tree provides wood color, figure and density, while I try to find a shape and form that best suits that particular piece of the tree. I do a lot of my work beginning with green wood - therefore shape, color and texture may change dramatically as the wood seeks equilibrium with its environment. I have become aware of these changes even as the wood is being turned and the object inside - discovered. Most of my artwork is produced from wood that I select and collect from my clients' trees, thus recycling a portion of the tree that will continue to Live as Art. Trees add a new growth ring every year that they live, therefore the history of the tree is revealed as successive layers are removed. I never know what the inside of the wood will tell but I always enjoy the story. Tales of good times and bad, great forward leaps and tragic set backs are common in many trees and hopefully these are revealed through my works. The viewer is invited to consider the endless natural cycles revealed in turned wood art. ~Kevin Bassett/Esty Artist Profile

Find more of Bassett's works here;

Special thanks to Michelle @ Tierra Verde Soaps for sharing this amazing story with me.

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