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You're In For A Treat In Jefferson TX!

And here too...Please welcome this weeks guest blogger from East Texas, Norma Brock of Texas Eagle Gallery.

While many of you know Jefferson as a charming little town full of antiques and history, you’ll be surprised to find how much they’ve tricked up the area for some real Halloween treats! 

Jefferson, TX is home to dozens of Bed & Breakfast establishments, many decked out for the holiday.   Did you know that it’s also home to dozens of ghosts and haunted buildings?

You can stay at the historic and haunted Excelsior House to find out for yourself, or you can take the Ghost tour for history lessons and possible sightings.  

Why not do both? You’ll feel that you’ve stepped back in time and perhaps you’ll meet some former residents too. 

And while you’re at it, take a side trip just up the road to find the super spooky Caddo Lake State Park – just watch out for alligators!  

While you’re visiting Jefferson, be sure to take the train!  Terror on the Bayou  is currently running with some super scary sights and sounds.  A trip through the bayou can be a little scary on its own, so bring a friend for support.  Kid friendly trips run early in the day.

Plan on doing some shopping too!  Jefferson’s reputation as an antique haven is well-deserved.  But vintage isn’t the only game in town.  You’ll find lots of delightful handmade treasures too.  We found these goodies at Big Cypress Antique Emporium.   

Rhoda’s crocheted bags are a big hit, along with her new fun food creations. 

 You’ll find clever re-purposed goods, antler lamps and accessories, and much, much more.   

Be sure to take the stairs to the 2nd level where you’ll find our Texas Eagle Gallery booth in the front corner.

If you can’t make it to Jefferson in time for Halloween, don’t despair.  There’ll be lots of extra fun going on all the way to Christmas…..and all year round for that matter!  Check out the Jefferson website for details.  

Just come for a visit 

…we’ll leave the lights on for you! 

Wow!  I don't know about you but I can't wait to get out to Jefferson!  It's been years since I've been there and I still remember what a great time we had while visiting.  If I recall I found a great vintage cookie jar there!  Awesome antique shopping there for sure.  

A big thank you for miss Norma, she did an awesome job and I hope that she will be a regular guest here.  I've already started begging her to come back and post again.  But you can help by leaving your comments below and letting her know how much you loved her article about historic Jefferson,TX.




  1. Great post!Sounds like just the place I like to visit. Thanks for putting in the time to show us around.

  2. Jefferson is relatively close to us, but I haven't been since our 8th grade field trip there. This post makes me want to get in the truck and GO soon!

  3. Thanks for the virtual visit to your shop! I thoroughly enjoyed the visit! Great pictures! :)


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