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Lone Star Showcase #8

Where ya been? ummm...just kidding. I know, it's me who's been MIA this last couple of weeks.
Is anyone else beginning to feel the pinch of the days growing shorter. I know they're not really losing hours but it sure feels that way some days. But I guess that is to be expected the closer it gets to the holidays.

I've been busy, how about you? What's cook'n on those worktables and in those studios. Are you cranking out mass quantities of handmade goodness and loading those online shops? Or are you spending your weekends as a vendor at the plethora of craft fairs going on this time of year?

Well take a break this weekend and show off your style. We wanna see what you made. Give the world a peek at what you have to offer in your shop this week. Maybe your a blogger and have tons of DIY projects or tutorials you want to share to help us gear up for the holiday decorating. Show us! Please!!!! We love to see what other Texas artists are doing.

Let's have a look at three awesome links from last week's Lone Star Showcase...shall we?

I'm sorry but there is just nothing raggedy about this little angel.  She's so stink'n cute, I just might have to have one of my very own.

She was hand sewn by Carol of The Yellow Roses she has more of these sweet little rag dolls just waiting for someone to adopt them and give them hugs and kisses.

I'm not real sure I would want to step on this lovely design handmade by the captain of Etsy Texas Crafters Team and owner of BooBooZoo. It's so pretty.  Gotta booboo? She's got just the thing for it and a lot more. This is one busy gal! Her shop is full of Handmade In TX goodness.

This is the most amazing craft I've seen all year. Simple, cute, inexpensive and just plain clever.  A pumpkin out of a dryer vent hose.  Shut up!!!! I love it.  You can find this one over at the Texas Eagle Gallery.  Miss Norma will probably part with it if you click the "add to cart" button :)

Don't forget, when you link up you are featured on the Handmade In TX fan page, which feeds right over to the Handmade In TX twitter page, get pinned on the Handmade In TX Pinterest board! Then your design could be added to the end of the month YouTube video.  So don't sit on the fence any longer.  It's time to show your stuff!

Alrighty...that's all for now.  

Guess it's time to boot scoot into the party...

heel-toe-dosie-doe, come on Texas artists...

Let's boogie!


~Guidelines for the Lone Star Showcase~

1.) Follow this blog.

2.)Your link needs to be from your shop and the listings have to be handmade. If you're linking from a blog, post the permalink (the link to the post), not the link to your blog.  If you're linking from a shop, copy and paste the URL from your shop or a specific listing page

3.) Handmade (handcrafted) items created by Texas artists and crafters only. Individual items for sale in your shop or on your website/blog may be linked up. This is encouraged. Linkups or comments, advertising your giveaway or promoting your own link party etc. will be removed. Craft tutorials...yes please add!

4.) Please link back this party with a (button or text) if you have the means to, if not, please promote on Facebook, Twitter or within your teams/groups. If you have a blog or a website where you place Showcase button with link, please do so. Better yet, write up a quick blog post about this link party so others can know about it. Buttons can be found under the menu tab BUTTONS. For your convenience a button code has been provided in the current post.

5.) By linking up to this link party, you're all warm and fuzzy with being highlighted on Handmade In Texas Facebook fan page, added to any future linkups and for possible future artist features on Handmade In Texas without additional permission required.

This party will close Sunday at midnight CST. 

Well what are ya wait'n on? Get after it!


  1. Thanks a million for sharing the great Texas talent here! And just for the record, that dryer hose vent pumpkin is not an original idea. I made them back in the 70s along with lots of other folks and just brought back a new idea. Thanks again for sharing!


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