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Featured Artist: Natalie Pappas of NKP Designs

I first met Natalie at a craft show in Keller, TX.  Her kind and gentle nature was the first thing I noticed about her.  The second was her amazing talent for creating the most beautiful beads. 

Since meeting here about six years ago, I have relied on Natalie's handmade beads to make my designs even more special. 

I don't remember when I realized that she made more than just beads, she also makes beautiful pottery pieces that anyone would be thrilled to receive as a gift.

Coffee in this mug would most definitely taste better.

Her sweet little whimsical whistles have always made me smile

 What a great housewarming gift this pie plate would make

You think I could talk her into making a matching sugar dish to go with this creamer?

I spend many hours browsing her wares online and thinking about where I would use or display one or two of her creations. 

Her glazes and techniques are wonderful, the colors are dreamy.  Natalie goes above and beyond in helping her clients receive the perfect design for what they need.  I should know, I'm probably one of her more needy clients.  When my favorite color glaze was phased out, she went to great lengths to find a glaze tint close enough to replace the one I needed.  She's amazing!

To read more about Natalie and her pottery and beads follow her blog at

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