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Lone Star Showcase #6

Hey all! Glad to see you and hope your week was wonderful. We had a good old fashion thunderstorm here last night. It was awesome and the lightning was fabulous! I love storms...I could see myself as a storm chaser someday.

Well the video from last weeks Lone Star Showcase #5 is up and you will notice something different. It's a silent film :) There is a good reason but I'll go into that another time. You can hum a tune while you watch.

One more thing to mention before we move into this week Lone Star Showcase link party, the videos will be switching to a monthly collection. Schedules are beginning to get tighten up with family fun, gift making and holiday orders needing to be priority. So once a month I will gather some lovelies and make a video, weekly I will highlight a few faves before the link party. Okie-dokie?

Also, some badges are going up for those who wish to promote Handmade In TX Marketplace pages. They are loading on the side bar. I'll have them all up by the weekend. So grab one and show off your marketplace page. Maybe more will join us!

Alrighty then...let's see some pretties!


~Guidelines for the Lone Star Showcase~

1.) Follow this blog.

2.)Your link needs to be from your shop and the listings have to be handmade. If you're linking from a blog, post the permalink (the link to the post), not the link to your blog.  If you're linking from a shop, copy and paste the URL from your shop or a specific listing page

3.) Handmade (handcrafted) items created by Texas artists and crafters only. Individual items for sale in your shop or on your website/blog may be linked up. This is encouraged. Linkups or comments, advertising your giveaway or promoting your own link party etc. will be removed. Craft tutorials...yes please add!

4.) Please link back this party with a (button or text) if you have the means to, if not, please promote on Facebook, Twitter or within your teams/groups. If you have a blog or a website where you place Showcase button with link, please do so. Better yet, write up a quick blog post about this link party so others can know about it. Buttons can be found under the menu tab BUTTONS. For your convenience a button code has been provided in the current post.

5.) By linking up to this link party, you're all warm and fuzzy with being highlighted on Handmade In Texas Facebook fan page, added to any future linkups and for possible future artist features on Handmade In Texas without additional permission required.

This party will close Sunday at midnight CST. 

Well what are ya wait'n on? Get after it!

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