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Lone Star Showcase #2 - Fall Festivals & Craft Fairs

Fall is in the air!

That maybe pushing it a bit, I know but maybe if way all say it together in one big shout, then that highly anticipated cool front just might blow in from the northwest!  

It could work.  

Oh well, regardless of the drought and the high temperatures the calendar is telling us that fall is only a few weeks away.  While our northern neighbors are feeling the changes in the weather we shall remain patient and move forward with pleasant thoughts.  

With the fall months comes the abundance of fall festivals and craft fairs!  Yay!  I love strolling through the crowded isles of a school or church with handmade vendor tables jam packed into every nook and corner.  Visions of handstiched, handpainted, handcrafted...anything made by hand.  Love it!  I love it so much I took the handmade pledge to only by handmade if possible. 
What about you?  Will you be staying up late, working your fingers to the bone trying to get all of your designs tagged, priced and ready to put on display.  I know many artists and crafters work tirelessly this time of year to get their best and newest creations ready for the craft fairs they will be participating in.  

This week's Lone Star Showcase #2 will give you the opportunity to show off those new designs.  Sort of like the previews before the auction.   Just enough to get those customers drooling for more.    

Maybe your not the craft fair yeah that would be me. Having a booth at a local craft fair is time consuming and overwhelming for me.  I think my hubby is just tickled pink that I will not be doing any shows this fall.  But not as tickled as I am.  Nope, my designs will be showing at my online venues and that's just dandy for now. 

Here's of few of my fave's from last week's LSS #1

Diane from Home Sweet Homeade blew me away with her amazing paper weaving.  I can't imagine how long it took her to prepare the materials to create this awesome piece of art.

Not to mention how long and how much patience it took to make it and then make these adorable hearts.


Well this is a shocker!  
humm...wonder why I love these?  
uh...because their C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E.

ya think?

nope you can't eat just one...nor can you stop at 15 or 20.  
or more (blush) 
Located in the Texas Hill Country, I bet she might consider shipping once the weather turns cooler.  It's a good thing I have a hook up in the Kerrville area.  It may be a six hour drive...but they're worth every mile!

I love aprons!  Don't know why, I really can't say that I wear them.  I have on occasion, but if I had some like this I might wear them more often.


RagSoul creates some mighty cute aprons and more.  You can find aprons for your little helpers too.  I bet she might even whip you up and mother and daughter pair if you ask her.  

I can't wait to see what you guys show off this week.  

Don't forget to link back to this party if you are linking a blog post or website.  

And for goodness sake please spread the word...that kind of gossip is okay!


~Guidelines for the Lone Star Showcase~

1.) Please follow this blog.

2.)Your link needs to be from your shop and the listings have to be handmade. If you're linking from a blog, post the permalink (the link to the post), not the link to your blog.  If you're linking from a shop, copy and paste the URL from your shop or a specific listing page

3.) Handmade (handcrafted) items created by Texas artists and crafters only. Individual items for sale in your shop or on your website/blog may be linked up. This is encouraged. Linkups or comments, advertising your giveaway or promoting your own link party etc. will be removed. Craft tutorials...yes please add!

4.) Please link back this party with a (button or text) if you have the means to, if not, please promote on Facebook, Twitter or within your teams/groups. If you have a blog or a website where you place Showcase button with link, please do so. Better yet, write up a quick blog post about this link party so others can know about it. Buttons can be found under the menu tab BUTTONS. For your convenience a button code has been provided in the current post.

5.) By linking up to this link party, you're all warm and fuzzy with being highlighted on Handmade In Texas Facebook fan page, added to any future linkups and for possible future artist features on Handmade In Texas without additional permission required.

This party will close Sunday at midnight CST. 

Well what are ya wait'n on? Get after it!

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