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"Howdy Folks" Guess what begins this weekend!

This weekend begins the 125th State Fair of Texas!  To me this always signals "fall" even though it doesn't feel much like fall yet.  Surely it's just around the corner.

Oh well the weather doesn't stop the fair, football or the latest and greatest "fried" food on the Midway, what will it be this year?

Hop on any of the awesome trains or buses running all over Big D and make a day of it. You'll be delivered right to the gate and don't have to worry about traffic or parking! It's a no brainer :)

Source: via Cindi on Pinterest

Of course you'll want to take some money for rides and...

something fried!

Source: via Cindi on Pinterest

and some shopping of course!

Before you run out of the door, don't forget to get your link up on the Lone Star Showcase #6 this weekend!

See ya tonight!


  1. looking forward to the next showcase.
    Thanks for all your promoting of handmade in Texas


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