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How We Can Help

How Can We Help...What Can We Do?

That must be the number one question on everyone's heart this week as we watch much of beautiful our state go up in flames.  Homes have been lost, families are evacuating not knowing if the home they are leaving will be there when they return.  Resources are being stretched.

Many wonder what they can do other than pray for these fires to cease.  Donations come in many forms when disaster strikes.  Everyone feels led to do something but don't know how they can make a difference.

I have place a donation bar at the top of this blog.  These donations are set to go straight into a relief fund set up by the State Fireman's & Fire Marshals' Association of Texas. 

To read more about the non profit organization visit their site at:
Press Release

If you wish to donate to another relief organization to help the Texas Wildfire Relief Efforts there are many to choose from;

American Red Cross of Central Texas

however there is a local Red Cross in just about every major city in Texas to find one you wish to donate to or volunteer please visit their main website;

American Red

Or you can Google "Texas wildfire relief and donations" to get a complete list of organizations who are collecting items, food and funds for the wildfire victims.

Many of your local churches are organizing drives to collection gift cards and other items, if you don't belong to a local church, just call the closest one to your home and ask how you can help.

Food banks will be needing donations as well, call the ones in your town to see how you can help.

Also, Bri at Homespun Houston Handmade has put out a call to action for all artist and crafters willing to participate in an effort to raise funds for relief.  To learn more about this visit her site here

Finally I ask you, regardless of your faith, denomination, religious affiliation, please pray for these fires to cease, pray for the safety of the firemen and women, the volunteers fighting the fires, pray for those who have lost their homes, livestock, farmland, their way of life and how they put food on their table.  Pray for all, pray for rain...we need it so bad.

If you know of any other organizations that I have not listed please leave that information in the comments.  If you are someone who has been affected by these fires or you have a family member (s) or friends who have have been affected, please share in the comments.

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