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August was fun, but.....

September will be so much better!

Friday night football
Cooler temperatures
Decorating for fall
Designing & Creating
Listing new products in shops
Preparing for fall craft fairs

Maybe we'll be able to open our windows by the end of the month!  Wouldn't that be great?

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for
some chili!  It's great to have for Sunday supper or during the football games?  
Speaking of know what's best about a football game?  The highlights of course.  Well the bloopers are fun too, but the highlights are great.  Especially the one's that give ya goosebumps.

Well Handmade In TX has some highlights to share too!
There were so many fun and exciting happenings last month, you might have lost track.

Let's see...

The addition of pages to promote the various online shopping venues.  Now you can add your Etsy mini, your Zibbet banner or avi, your ArtFire banner or avi, or if you have your own website or blog that you sell or write about handmade designs, there's a place to add your banner there too.  Of course all of these images link back to your individual shops or websites. This is a great way to promote and market your shop for free!  Yes, it's free...I don't ask for a monthly subscription, so get your information to me so I can get it loaded. This month's goal is to get the catalog page filled in for quick reference.  Remember to share this blog with your friends, family and others so they can find great gifts and various needs from the awesome shops in Texas.  

The new twitter button!

Isn't that a hoot?  
I think he needs a name, what do you think...Should we have a contest?  Name the tweeter! 

Our first link party! Whoot!!!!

are you ready for another one?  The first one was so fun.  I would love to see more entries this week, more to look at and more for potential shoppers to see.
So mark your calenders for the Lone Star Showcase every Friday night 7pm thru Sunday until 11:59pm

I took the entries for last week and made a video!

This will be continued as long as I receive entries, however as you can imagine, the more entries there are the better.  I will be selecting and highlighting some of my faves and making a video for our YouTube Channel.  Yes!  We have a YouTube Channel and it will be filled with videos for you to enjoy and share with on your fan pages, tweets and if you have a blog, then use it to brag to others that you're now a video star.  :) When you go visit our YouTube channel, please leave a comment so we know you were's like signing the guest book!  You can even subscribe if you like.

Did you know we have a flickr group too.  Yep we do!  If you share your photos on flickr then consider joining the Handmade In TX group and add your photos to the group.  The more the merrier!

 Last but not least...Pinterest!
I love Pinterest!  If you don't know what it is, no're about to find out.  Pinterest is a wonderland of photos and a place to pin your favorite photos on a virtual pin board.  why?  because it's fun and addicting and you can easily go back and find something because you've placed it on a board.  I've created a pinboard for Handmade In TX items and photos.  This will be added to at random when I find wonderful designs made by Texas artists and crafters. Go check it out!  Are you there on the pin board?  You can see our pin board anytime by clicking on the Pinterest logo on the right sidebar of this blog.  But I warn you...ya might wanna tie a rope around your waist in case you never come back.  It is addicting. So maybe set a timer...then get back to creating those awesome handmade designs!

See ya later!

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  1. Sounds like you've got loads of things going on in Sept. Will start following you on twitter.

    And will be watching for the next link party. Hoping to get in on the fun this time.


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