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Dusting, Fluffing and Launching a Showcase!


Last weekend was spent loading Etsy mini's. Wow! that project took off like a West Texas tumbleweed. The turn out was amazing I am tickled pink to announce the Etsy Marketplace page has over 25 vendors just waiting to be visited. Monday the Zibbet Marketplace and ArtFire Marketplace pages were added and slowly but surely the word is getting out. Lastly the Independent Marketplace page was added. I will continue to accept banners for this page for Texas artists and crafters that only sell their designs via a hosted website. A catalog page was added and will be filled in a little bit more day by day. All of this takes time and the day seems to run out before my list gets finished. But I'm sure you all know that feeling right.

Remember this blog, the HIT Facebook fanpage and the twitter pages are for you. Use them for all their worth, tell your friends, family and coworkers. Share these promotional tools with your teams. All Texas artisans are welcome.

Because this blog features handmade creations so I cannot allow vintage shops unless the items will be used in the finished designs. However, some vendors have vintage items mixed in with handmade designs, these will be allowed. This may be a touchy topic and I may step on some toes, I never was good at the Texas two step, so just know that I will look at shops on an case by case basis. However, I draw the line at ready made designs, bought from another state or country. Just like the "Don't Mess with Texas" litter campaign...Keep this site true to its name, Handmade In Texas!

This weekend will host our very first Handmade In Texas link party! The Lone Star get your pretties all listed and ready to show the Friday @ 7PM.

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  1. I guess I'm missing something, but what is a Handmade in Texas link party? And how will we participate? Sounds really exciting.


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