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Handmade in TX...Austin Artist Christina Fajardo

Austin, Texas artist, photographer and graphic designer Christina Fajardo shares how to make handmade paper from recycled flyers, junk mail, dryer lent, dried flowers and leaves. Christiana says that her artistic expression largely involves reducing, reusing, reclaiming and recycling, savoring discarded finds and utilizes found objects by creating beautiful art.

Christina resides in Austin, TX and has an extensive background in advertising, marketing and graphic design. When coupled with a degree in Commercial Art, her creative spirit has no boundaries as well as her love for helping musician friends with their marketing needs.
"I believe art is an extension of ones soul. I'm attracted primarily by the evocative power of colors, shapes and symbols that have traveled through time that bring with them the power to heal. Many of my creative ideas come to me in dreams or simply from just taking a walk or having a conversation with a two year old. My artistic expression largely involves sparking memories while reclaiming and recycling discarded finds. I have an inability to throw away anything that can be converted into a piece of art therefore I have worked with many mediums. One of my favorites currently working is collage on canvas. Each piece has its own narrative.

My experience ~ I started jewelry making at the age of 18. At the time, I deemed myself a seamstress. Sewing and embroidery was an art that my mother taught me at a very young age.

In my twenties, married with two children, I created handmade gifts for my family and friends. In my 30s, I went back to school and got a degree in Commercial Art. I moved to California, worked for an advertising agency, but missed Texas so I traded in the west coast beach for the opportunity to be a starving artist in Austin again. Round two of the starving artist tour lasted until 1991. I landed a job at a major newspaper as a graphic designer where I worked for fifteen years, however, the desire to create my own art never died. I still freelance CD, logo and website design and help all my musician friends with their Facebook pages.....So armed with my collection of mixed media and graphic design experience, I continue on my journey. I bring to you simple but elegant art that can either be an unexpected conversation starter, or as familiar as your favorite sweater. Ultimately, things that make one feel special because they're thoughtfully handcrafted.
To see more of Christina's beautiful artwork visit: 

Brick & Mortar: Austin Gift Comapany, 4211 S Lamar Blvd # A19
Austin, TX 78704-7984 512/326-9462
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  1. great to find another texas artist who recycles :) thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! You really did your research! I would really like to use what your wrote about me for my bio! Thanks for featuring me!

    My message to all is to reduce, reuse, reclaim and recycle. Savor discarded finds, even if it means shopping in vintage stores. I enjoy utilizing found objects to create beautiful art.


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